Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back in action...

Wow so I've been away for quite a while...Both of my lap tops caught a nasty virus that booted me off the web =o(  I got someone to fix one of them for me and was able to get back on line with some sites just running so slow that a turtle could have walked the mile before they would have loaded, unfortunately this was one of those sites so I never got to update.  But my boyfriend being the amazing guy that he is got my a new netbook for my birthday!!! Woohoo lol, So now I will be able to update on past books I've read since the virus hit and will be able to keep up to date from now on! *Squee* I won't be updating to other than this post its going to be a busy day between getting the little one ready to go see a live showing of Curious George and birthday dinner and cake after that. But I promise tomorrow I will get some of my past read books up here =o)   Have a great day everyone!!

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